What does Phase 4 mean for Soccer in Nova Scotia

July 14th, 2021

Clubs, Districts & Leagues

Thank you all for adhering to the protocols to keep our game safe the past year and a half. I realize it has been
time consuming, but it’s been extremely helpful with keeping everyone safe. As restrictions start to ease, we are
able to change some administrative requirements to take some work off your plates.

Attestation Forms/Tracing
It should be well known by now that if you have covid-19 symptoms or are exposed to anyone that has covid-19,
you do not show up to in-person practice, training or games. It is the responsibility of the parent or player to follow
this policy at all times. With that being said, the club will not need to continuously ask players to fill out online
forms 24 hours before events or documents at the field. It will be assumed that if you attend in-person activities
that you do not have any symptoms and you are not exposed to anyone that has covid-19. It is your responsibility
to communicate this so all members are aware, so please ensure this message is clearly communicated.

It is your club’s responsibility to maintain a participant attendance list for each training session/practice. Simply
check your players off as they arrive. Game sheets are sufficient for all league play/ competition, leagues should
have a mechanism for collection and verification of all game sheets.

We are now permitted to have 250 spectators outdoors and 125 indoors. You are not required to trace spectators
outdoors. Just manage the number, which shouldn’t be a problem as the number is much larger now.

Indoor spectators, upon entry spectators can put their name and phone number on a piece of paper as they enter
and again it’s up the facility to manage the number.

Phase 4 allows teams to host and enter into tournaments throughout Atlantic Canada as long as its approved by
the PSO. If you are planning on entering a tournament outside of the province, please make sure you apply for an “out of province travel permit”. Also note, it is imperative that league games are played so please make sure you are aware of your responsibilities to your league prior to applying.

Brad Lawlor
Executive Director, Soccer Nova Scotia