SCB 2021 Summer Soccer

The Government of Nova Scotia and Soccer Nova Scotia has given the districts the green light to start their league play on July 5th.  This, of course, is based on that the province COVID number reduce in case numbers and remain a low case number as well.

With this new information, it is SCB plan to start its league on July 5th.  Due to the shorten season, we will be change a few of our normal timelines to try and maximize the time we have before school starts.  Our plan right now is to run a soccer season from July 5th to August 29th.  U9's and U11's will play an 8 week schedule.  U13's, U15's and U18's will play between a 6 to 7 week schedule, then finish off the season with Cape Breton Cup play.

There is also a change to the set dates age groups will play.  Due to the shorten season and resource limitations, the days of the week age groups will be scheduled on will change to the following:

Mondays - U18 Boys and U13 Girls 

Tuesdays - U15 Boys and U11 Girls

Wednesdays - U18 Girls and U13 Boys

Thursdays - U15 Girls and U11 Boys

Fridays - either U18 Boys and U13 Girls OR U11 Girls and U13 Boys (alternate weeks)

Saturday - no scheduled games

Sundays - either U18 Girls and U15 Boys OR U15 Girls and U11 Boys (alternate weeks.  Try and schedule games late afternoon or in the evenings)

The alternative week model is based on each of the divisions having an even number of teams in it.  If it is an odd number of teams, then a different schedule will have to be done but it should still only equal out to 3 games over a 2 week period on the days set above.

Many clubs are still accepting registrations.  If you are interested, please contact the club in your area today.