Refund Policy


Soccer Cape Breton ("SCB", or "the Association") is a non-profit organization. The principle behind the SCB Refund Policy is to allow a reasonable period of time following registration for parents/players to withdraw, while safeguarding the financial stability of the Association.

SCB commits to program expenditures once registration numbers are confirmed. These include administrative costs for each player that registers including, but not limited to, credit card and debit card fees, equipment and uniform expenditures, league and team registration, and staffing. These expenses are not recoverable to the Association if/when a member withdraws. It is because of these costs that SCB adheres to a strict refund policy.

In signing the SCB registration form, online or paper, you accept the Association's registration conditions and financial obligations. 


Any NSF cheque will be assessed a $25.00 administration fee as well as any other fees listed in our program refund policy.

To receive a refund from the Association, the parent, guardian or participant MUST send a Refund Request email to  within the specified time period.

The refund request will be processed and the refund calculated from the date the Refund Request Form is received. 


All refunds are subject to a $35 Administration Fee.

If a player is selected then withdraws after 1/4 of the program has been played, there is NO REFUND.

A FULL refund will be provided in the instance where there is an insufficient number of players to run a team or program.

Subsequent to accepting a place on a team through the registration and payment process, there will be no refund at any time thereafter if a player disagrees with the player's coach, team or tier placement.

SCB shall not be responsible for any monies paid to a team, team coach or team official and SCB shall not entertain requests for any such refunds. 

SCB shall not be responsible for any monies raised and collected by teams through sponsorship or fundraising efforts and SCB shall not entertain requests for any such refunds.

There will be NO refund/transfer for a registration fee if a player is suspended or expelled from SCB under the Association's/OSA's discipline policy or code of conduct rules.

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for refund processing.

Non-attendance does not constitute a notice of withdrawal. 


A paid registration fee shall be partially refunded (pro-rated, minus administration fee, uniform fee, and player registration cost, for the number of games remaining) if a player withdraws due to medical reasons within 14 days of occurrence.  Medical documentation/note must be provided.

Please note: where the injury is soccer related, no refund can be provided as this would cause the insurance coverage to be negated.  Such cases will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


No refunds after the Registration deadline.